Yielding assets

Minrav Group leases and manages office space and industrial and commercial centers at a total scope of 330K square meters.

In each of our Group’s properties, our clients benefit from management and maintenance services provided by designated professional teams which are part of Minrav Group, which grant solutions to their ongoing needs and ensure the building’s maintenance over time.

Our clients know all our maintenance and management teams and conduct close and ongoing communication with them throughout the entire process- providing availability, a personal, high-quality, and professional response to every need, all out of a commitment to help in future planning and provide a response to their evolving needs, as part of our diverse portfolio of properties.

Throughout the construction of our properties, we ensured high-quality planning that included consideration of effective building management in terms of utilization of resources, as well as visibility and scalability in adding additional services and systems to respond to our client’s changing needs.
Among our Group’s high-yield properties are City Tech – the city of science and technology in Ashdod, Minrav Center – a commercial center in Ashdod, and the Biotech Park at Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Minrav is currently building two more buildings in Ashdod (at a scope of 22,000 square meters) and a logistics center at the Mavo Carmel industrial area near Elyakim Junction (at a scope of 9,000 square meters), along with additional transactions that are in advanced stages, in logistics as well as employment and commerce.

Projects in the field of Yielding Real Estate

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