Minrav Group, through its subsidiary Minrav Infrastructure, plans and executes national and municipal infrastructure projects in traffic, public transport, air and seaports, national facilities, and more.

Minrav’s infrastructure projects are managed end-to-end by the group, including the planning and execution stages. The teams managing the projects accompany them from the drafting table to the construction site.

Minrav’s advantages in the field of infrastructure are evident in each project it leads, including multidisciplinary experience accumulated in initiation, planning, and constructing widescale projects, management concepts that are progressive and interactive, and which excel in creativity, operational flexibility, and a commitment to timeframes, budgets, and quality standards, with financial durability that is a crucial criterion for the success of these projects.

Along with all these, the human capital in our Group and its subsidiaries allow us to create teams that comprise the finest professionals in the field, all committed to the projects and the growth of the Israeli economy.

Israel is at the height of a multi-disciplinary infrastructure revolution in which billions are invested in transportation, energy, water, and environmental protection infrastructures. We are proud to partner in building the infrastructure for Israel’s growth. We participate in major projects such as Natbag 2000, constructing the infrastructure for the rapid train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, building infrastructures for the light railway in Central Israel, and more.

Projects in the field of Infrastructure

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