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Minrav Group proudly leads Israel’s real estate, infrastructure, and construction industries by leveraging our experience, striving for excellence, and committing to our shared future by redefining the standards across all segments of our operations.

Leading Real Estate, Construction, and Infrastructure in Israel

Minrav Group was founded in 1969 by the late Avraham Kuznitsky, who is one of the founding fathers in Israel’s real estate and infrastructure field. His visions became a reality after constructing widescale projects throughout Israel.

We source, design, construct, and execute complex projects with uncompromising quality, excellence, and strict adherence to the most rigorous international standards.
Our financial stability, technological superiority, and invaluable human capital empower us to lead and execute multidisciplinary projects that add value to our neighborhoods and investors.

Our core values have led Minrav Group to be a dependable partner to the government, public institutions, and leading companies in Israel and worldwide.


Dr. Shai Weil

Chairman, Minrav Group

Eli Cohen

CEO, Minrav Group

Ronen Shefer

CEO, Minrav Integrated Solutions & Deputy CEO, Minrav Group

Chaim Rotlevy

CFO, Minrav Group

Ehud Sternheim

CEO, Minrav Real-Estate

Adi Sahar

CEO, Minrav Engineering & Infrastructure

Jonny Malachi

CEO, Mashav-Ardan Systems

Liat Cohen Yankelevitch

COO, Minrav Group

Asaf Gilboa

VP HR, Minrav Group

Eliezer Sharon

VP Legal Counsel, Minrav Group

Minrav Subsidiaries

Minrav Engineering is one of Israel’s largest construction operators, executing complex projects for both public and private sectors, collaborating with top real estate developers to build a better future.

Minrav Infrastructure specializes in the planning and construction of national and urban infrastructure projects for the public sector, including roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, airport terminals, seaports, and more.

Minrav Real Estate concentrates four areas real estate: residential development, urban renewal, long-term residential rental management, and the development and management of cash-flowing properties.

Mashav-Ardan Systems is a leading climate control, electric, and plumbing company in Israel. The company provides daily basis services for office and commercial buildings ensuring efficient functionality, comfort, and sustainability.

Minrav Integrated Solutions specializes in importing and marketing air conditioning, industrial refrigeration (HVAC/R), and building management systems (BMS) by Johnson Controls, a global leader in building technology.


Select a year


Mr. Avraham Kuznitsky launches Minrav Group


The company’s shares are issued on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)


Minrav expands its operations into South Africa and the United States, building residential projects


Minrav pioneers a Waste Purification Facility in Netanya (the first B.O.T (Build ,Operate, Transfer) project in Israel


The company wins a tender to build and operate the ‘Kiryat HaMemshala tower’ in Tel Aviv under the DBOO model (Design, build, own, operate)


The company wins a tender to plan, construct, and operate a privately owned prison in Beer Sheva under the PFI model.


Minrav begins construction on the biotech park within the Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital complex in Jerusalem under a 25-year BOT arrangement


Minrav Projects is formed to expand Minrav’s real estate development activity in Israel


Minrav, in conjunction with an international partner, built 7 km of tunnels as part of the fast railway track to Jerusalem.


Constructed a water desalination facility in Ashdod, together with an international partner who specializes in the construction and operation of desalination facilities, at a scope of NIS 1.5 billion


Minrav in collaboration with other partners wins a tender for the planning, construction, and operation of the IDF Training Base in the Negev, under a 25-year BOT arrangement. The training base houses 10,000 soldiers daily on 400 acres with 250,000 square meters of building improvements including training and learning facilities and housing, with a total construction cost of approximately NIS 2 billion


Minrav Engineering the Israel Airport Authority tender to construct concourse E and the eastern plane area in Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Airport


First Real Estate development project of Minrav Group in the U.S


First public issue of bonds by the group


IPO of Minrav Projects shares (the Group’s residential activity)


As part of an organizational change, the group’s residential activity (‘Minrav Projects’) is being sold


Essence Partners acquired Minrav and formed of a new strategy for the Group


  • Minrav acquires “Mashav-Ardan Projects,” an industry- leading electro-mechanical company
  • Minrav acquires “Derech-Afar”, which specializes in urban infrastructure

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