Minrav’s residential division is one of the oldest in the Group, which has constructed thousands of residential units all over Israel since its establishment.

The uniqueness of Minrav Group’s residential activity is in the independent management of the entire entrepreneurial journey: from locating the property to planning and construction through the marketing of the apartments. Our experience in locating residential property, effectively leading planning and licensing processes, and the company’s excellence in construction contribute to our long-term reputation in housing and creating inspiring projects that remain sought-after and attractive throughout the years.

Minrav Group concentrates its housing activity through its subsidiary – Minrav Real Estate, which leads projects in three frameworks: in classic entrepreneurship, the Company initiates, builds, and markets residential compounds throughout Israel, with an emphasis on the creation of a modern living environment, from its entrance to its buildings and the rooms of the apartment.

In long-term rental housing, the Company leads projects in collaboration with Megurit, in which we market rental apartments independently and through a discount residents’ program. In these projects, we devote significant resources to the apartments and the surrounding services to the residents and the community.

In the field of urban renewal, our Company leads projects in large-scale urban renewal projects, including several buildings, in which we implement a new and modern urban vision, with living environments that are up-to-date, safe, and accessible, providing added value to the homeowners as well as the surrounding neighborhood and community.

Projects in the field of Residential real estate

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