Minrav Infrastructure

Minrav Infrastructure specializes in the planning and construction of national and urban infrastructure projects for the public sector, including roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, airport terminals, seaports, and more.


Minrav Group’s reputation, along with our vast experience and long-term commitment to the construction of Israel’s future, is manifested in each one of the projects Minrav Infrastructure executes and is a solid basis for our company’s status as one of Israel’s leading infrastructure companies, with many managed projects.

Infrastructure as an Engine for Growth

The State of Israel is one of the most rapidly-growing countries in the OECD, which is why planning and development of infrastructure are not only a basic requirement for growth – they are a growth engine in themselves.

At Minrav Infrastructure, we are proud to partner with and lead national growth and are committed to excellence throughout the entire process, including meticulous planning which combines innovation and creativity, uncompromising execution using leading techniques and practices from all over the world, stringent quality control and open and productive communication with our clients.

Experience, Durability, and Professionalism

Minrav Infrastructure provides its clients with a portfolio of unique advantages comprising:

  • Experience, knowledge, and professionalism accumulated in major complex projects planned and executed by Minrav Group throughout all years of its activity.
  • Innovative perception of management, inspired by high-tech industries, excels in flexibility, efficiency, and quality throughout the entire chain of value.
  • Organizational power and financial durability, allowing the Company to select and lead complex long-term projects in the field of infrastructures in Israel.

Paving the Way to success

To complete the “portfolio of services” Minrav Infrastructures provides its clients, especially on our flagship projects such as the light rail and metro systems promoted by the Israeli government, we have acquired control of the company Derech Afar, which is a veteran company that specializes in complex infrastructure works in high-density urban areas, and provides its clients with the confidence that its projects will always end on time and at the highest quality level, to the benefit of civilians and while minimizing the inconvenience resulting from these works. Derech Afar is the chosen contractor for our clients when they need rapid, high-quality execution of complex urban projects.

A Team of Experts

Minrav Infrastructures is part of one of Israel’s most experienced construction and infrastructure groups. Along with its sister companies Minrav Engineering, Minrav Real Estate and Mashav Ardan Systems, it successfully leads major integrative projects. Minrav Infrastructure’s ability to benefit from the experience and expertise of all its professionals and to locate solutions among its sister companies also provides our clients with unparalleled insights, solutions, and execution.

Human Capital: The Infrastructure for Excellence

The road to any of our successful projects begins with the establishment of a winning team comprised of specialists in various fields. Each of our team members – the veteran and experienced on the one hand and the innovative younger members on the other – brings comprehensive experience and creativity and innovation to the table. This is how we provide our clients with solutions that combine our knowledge and experience with innovative practices, conceptions, and tools.

What we Build Today will Shape Tomorrow

Dealing with infrastructures requires deep attention and thought about the future as we are shaping it today. This is why we dedicated significant resources and thought to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.

Whether it’s our choice of tools, materials, and practices that promote the educated use of natural resources and reduce environmental footprints or creative planning and offering solutions that maintain our natural and ecological system, we believe that we meet our client’s standards and those we expect from ourselves.

Committed to Timeframe, Budget, and Quality

Long timeframes, huge budgets, and significant complexity usually characterize projects in the field of infrastructure. At Minrav Infrastructures, we believe that success is measured on each of these parameters, and we adhere to timeframes, meet budget goals, and do not compromise on quality. We do so through a meticulous system of quality control which is an integral part of the entire entrepreneurial journey, and through direct involvement of the management of the Group and the Company in every one of our projects.