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Recent Update July 2023


Welcome to the website of the Minrav Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Minrav” or “the Group“) at the URL: or at any additional or other URL about which the Group gives notice (“the website“).

Use of the website (including perusal of the job schedule, approaches to Minrav etc.) is subject to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is to inform about and describe the information that Minrav collects during use of the website, the use that will be made of the aforementioned information and your rights in this regard.

Please read this policy meticulously prior to browsing or using the website. Please read it again from time to time, because it could be changed (Minrav sees to updating the last dates on which the change was made to it in the policy heading). Your use of the website is proof of your consent to it and your use of the website after a change in the policy is proof of your consent to the policy as it was changed.

This Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use of the website and its instructions are in addition to them.

The contents of this policy have been written in the male gender for convenience purposes only and all the content is intended for all genders.

Should you not agree to this Privacy Policy, you must avoid using the website.


Furnishing and Collecting Personal Information

Browsing the Website – Browsing the website in itself does not involve furnishing or collecting personal information beyond the information collected automatically on the servers of the website on the web (such as the Internet address from which the browser accesses the website).

Approaches to the Group – The Group can be approached via diverse contact means as published on the website. When required, in view of the essence of the approach, it would be preferable to furnish the minimum amount of personal information that would enable Minrav to identify the requestor and treat his request. However, we recommend avoiding providing superfluous information. It must be clarified that, while there is no legal obligation to approach Minrav, or to furnish any personal information when approaching it, failure to furnish the minimum amount of information as aforementioned, is likely to prevent Minrav from being able to treat the approach.

Saving the Information – The information that is collected or furnished, as aforementioned, will be saved in Minrav’s databank and will be used as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

Information Security – Minrav’s database is open to restricted browsing and Minrav adopts protection measures (logical, physical and administrative) to prevent loss or distortion of the information and to prevent unauthorized access to or use of the information.


Use of the Information

The details that are collected or furnished, as aforementioned, will serve Minrav:

  • To provide you with services.
  • To respond to approaches of users of the website, who have approached Minrav.
  • To contact potential candidates for jobs in the Group, who submitted curriculum vitae for the jobs detailed from time to time on the job schedules on the website.
  • For statistical and other uses that are not identified with you (e.g.: Improving the system, adding content and tools, changes etc.).
  • Subject to your authorization in the appropriate place for this when furnishing contact details –
  • You hereby confirm that you consent to receiving advertising materials as provided in Section 30a of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 5742 – 1982 (“the Communications Law”) and to receiving direct mailing pursuant to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 1981 (“the Protection of Privacy Law”) from the Group and third parties associated with it.
  • Without derogating from the aforementioned generality, you hereby consent and authorize receiving updates, improvements, campaigns, publications, marketing information, direct mailing and/or offers for purchasing products or services from the Group and from the third parties associated with it and/or from third parties to a laptop computer, mail, via facsimile, automatic dialing system, electronic messages, short messages and/or any other means of communications.
  • In any event, in which you decide that you do not wish to receive mailing or advertising material as aforementioned, you must inform Minrav of this in writing via the communication means on the website or pursuant to the stipulations and detail the contact, details as they shall be, in any approach to you.


The Right of Perusal

Pursuant to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741 – 91, you arere entitled to peruse the information about you and saved in the Group’s databank at any time (either yourself or through anyone whom you have authorized in writing or by your guardian). You are requested to contact Minrav using one of the communications methods published on the website, for perusing the information.

Minrav will establish the manner of realizing the right, from time to time, pursuant to the instructions in the Protection of Privacy (Conditions for Perusing Information and the Procedures for Refusing a Request for Perusal) Regulations, 5741 – 1981 and the instructions of the Databanks Registrar.

Should you come across any misleading information regarding you, or information that you believe to be misleading, you are entitled to approach Minrav via one of the communications means published on the website and to request its amendment or deletion. On receipt of your request, Minrav will proceed pursuant to the provisions in the law.

Should your request for perusal, amendment or deletion be refused, you can appeal against this to the Magistrates Court in the manner established in the aforementioned regulations.


Transferring to or Allowing Third Parties Access to the Information

Minrav will not transfer, sell or rent personal information about you to third parties who are not associated with it, apart from in the following instances::

  • A Judicial Order.
  • An instruction or demand from a competent authority.
  1. Existing litigation or to which it is reasonably expected that the Group will be a party, or in which it has an interest.
  • Out of a belief that this would reduce the risk of corporeal or property damage to you or corporeal or property damage to another.
  • Protecting the Group’s personal legitimate interests.

It must be clarified that the Group is likely to be aided by third parties that provide it with services and to transfer information about you to them relating to providing the services, as aforementioned, provided that those third parties have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the Group, as well as for the fact that use of the personal information will only be made for the purposes of providing services to the Group.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Group is entitled to make changes to this Privacy Policy by giving prior notice, unless this is made to your benefit, or in order to adapt the policy to mandatory changes by law, when the change could be immediate.

Should you not consent to a change in the Privacy Policy, you must stop using the website.



Israeli law shall apply to this Privacy Policy, without giving any force to referrals to other laws. The Competent Courts in Tel Aviv shall have sole jurisdiction in any matter relating to this Privacy Policy.

You are invited to approach us via the following email regarding this policy: [email protected].