The Group, through its subsidiary Mashav-Ardan Systems, specializes in the planning, execution, and service of large and complex projects in electro-mechanics.

The areas in which the company specializes are:

  • Cooling and Climate Control Systems – Air conditioning, heating, ventilation, filtration, cooling, freezing.
  • Electrical Systems – High voltage, low voltage, very low voltage, communication and control systems, interior and exterior lighting, distribution boards, manufacturing, and transformation
  • Water and Plumbing Systems – Supply of cold-hot water for consumption, sanitary fixtures, waste and drain water, fire extinguishing, sewage, rainwater draining, and pumping stations.
  • Building Control – Systems architecture and control boards, programming of controllers, application, and operation of man-machine interfaces.
  • Traffic Control – Ventilation of transport tunnels, alternating electronic signage on stations and along highways.

The company’s highly experienced engineers perform planning, execution, and project management, and installation and operation are performed by certified and professional engineers, technicians, electricians, and control staff. Service is provided through nationally distributed service centers, allowing for a response that is rapid, professional, and suited to each request.

Throughout its dozens of years of activity, the Company has established its leading status, executing a variety of complex projects on the domestic and international scale, including energy centers, campuses, industrial and high-tech factories, government ministries and public buildings, employment centers, commercial and leisure compounds, retirement communities, hotels, medical centers and laboratories, factories, logistical centers for process industries, food, pharma, and more.

Projects in the field of electromechanics

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