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Golan Heights
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Project Description

The Beresheet Wind Farm is the largest renewable energy project in Israel, spread over agricultural areas of seven communities.

The project includes the construction of 39 turbines. The height of the turbine columns is 98 meters, and the diameter of the wings is 160 M (each wing is 80 M), with a power output of approximately 200MW.

The essence of the project included design, procurement, execution, operation and maintenance according to the details of the following works:

  • Earthworks for the construction of access roads between the turbines and work surface approximately 35 km
  • Construction of turbines – approximately 30,000 cubic meters of multi-volumetric concrete (diameter 23 meters, thickness 3.3 meters) for a total of 39 bases for turbines
  • Construction of a system of high-voltage and fiber-optic cables between the turbines and the substation, approximately 270 km
  • Construction of 2 high-voltage substations in the Upper Yehudia and Yehonatan area.
  • Excavation and construction of an upper voltage line along 26 km connecting the two substations
  • Establishment of an operational center
  • Regulation of nodes, implementation of SCADA system and security system
  • Establishment of an operation and maintenance system

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