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Recent Update July 2023

Welcome to the website of the Minrav Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Minrav” or “the Group“) at the URL: www.minrav.co.il  or at any additional or other URL about which the Group gives notice. (“the website“). The Terms of Use have been written in the male gender for convenience purposes only, but are intended for all genders.

Use of the website – Browsing and any other use whatsoever (including perusal of the job schedule, approaches to Minrav etc.), is subject to these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use“).

The Terms of Use include the Privacy Policy attached to them and which constitutes an integral part hereof.

Please read the Terms of Use (including the Privacy Policy) meticulously prior to using the website, because they constitute a contract between you and Minrav and your use of the website is proof of your consent to them.

Please read them again from time to time, because the terms could the changed (Minrav see to updating the last dates on which the change was made to them in the Terms of Use heading).

Should you not consent to the Terms of Use, you must avoid using the website.


 The Website

  • This is an information website, which is updated from time to time, about the Group and its operations, making contact and the available job vacancies (subject to the Terms of Use and to any notification, clarification or special conditions, should there be any).
  • The website is intended for businesses, dealers and private persons seeking information about Minrav.
  • The website is offered for use as is. The Group also adopts measures so that the site will be available, accessible, free of defects, technological distortions, or errors in its content. At any time, the practical ability to accomplish this is restricted. Minrav (and anyone on its behalf, including their owners, managers, employees etc.) shall not be responsible for any defect, distortion or error on the website and in its content, including a lack of ability to use the website, whether generally or at a specific time.


Use of the Website

  • Use of the Website is only allowed for purposes for which it is intended and subject to the instructions in these Terms of Use. Minrav reserves its rights vis-à-vis the users, who violate the instructions in the Terms of Use. This includes the fact that the Group is entitled, but not obligated to suspend or block access to users of the website or to any of the services provided on it.
  • Browsing the Website – Browsing the website is not subject to registration and use of it is allowed subject to the Terms of Use.
  • Approach to the Group – The Group can be approached via the remote communication means as published on the website. Treatment of the information furnished to the Group shall be subject to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


Intellectual Property

  • All the intellectual property rights on the website, including the website’s code, the content published there on, and the names and trademarks of Minrav are under the Group’s ownership or under the ownership of third parties, who have permitted the Group to use them.
  • Intellectual Property Rights– Including patents and request for patents, copyrights, names and trademarks, name of a complex, trade secrets, models and any other intellectual property right that has been registered, that has not been registered or that can be registered, in Israel or anywhere else in the world. Content – including data and creations in any form of manifestation whatsoever (video, audio, pictures, text etc.).
  • The content on the website is solely for self-use. Copying the content of the website or executing any action that could violate Minrav’s intellectual property rights on the website are prohibited. This includes prohibiting copying, distributing, broadcasting, furnishing to a third party, a public presentation or publishing the content or any part thereof, in any form and by any means, including electronic or technical, without Minrav’s prior written consent.
  • Executing any action that could disrupt the website’s activity or expose information about users on the website is prohibited, including: Executing attacks, uploading a malicious code, inserting spyware or malware in any manner whatsoever, including while using the approach tools to the Group through the website.
  • The Group respects third-party rights. Should you believe that specific content published on the website violates your rights, please contact the Group via the communications means published on the website and your approach will be treated as soon as possible.


Job Vacancy Notices on the Website

Content about available jobs that are published from time to time on the website, are intended for each and every sector. Minrav adheres to an egalitarian relationship with everyone and makes every effort to reflect this. Should you believe that a particular publication is abnormal or unsuitable, please contact us so that we can clarify and correct it, if necessary.



  • The site is likely to include links to third-party sites.
  • The links are intended to facilitate browsing the web. Unless stated otherwise explicitly, these sites are not under the Group’s control or inspection and it shall not bear any responsibility for them. This includes: The Group shall not be responsible for the content (including for its correctness), or the tools on the third-party sites (including their accessibility); the Group does not undertake that the links shall be functional at any time and will indeed lead to third-party sites; Inclusion of the links on the website does not contain any form of recommendation, indication, incentive or any presentation on the part of the Group relating to the third-party sites, including the information published on them and the services provided in them.



  • The Group reserves the right to change the Terms of Use. Notification of a change will be published on the website from time to time (through updating the date “the last update” as aforementioned in the introduction to the Terms of Use).
  • The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to use of the website, including any matter relating to these Terms of Use (and without giving force to references to other laws). The Competent Courts in Tel Aviv shall have sole jurisdiction in any matter relating to use of the website.