Minrav Real Estate

Minrav Real Estate concentrates four areas real estate: residential development, urban renewal, long-term residential rental management, and the development and management of cash-flowing properties.


The company is entrusted with one of the Group’s most significant growth engines, leading a diverse portfolio of projects around Israel in all areas of entrepreneurial activity in residential and high-yield real estate.

Developing Residential Projects

Since its foundation, Minrav Group has been one of the leading players in the residential construction market in Israel. The company has built thousands of housing units throughout Israel and is currently at the helm of dozens of nationwide projects.

The reputation Minrav enjoys among its clients’ is thanks to the fact that the company manages the value chain throughout the project. As a result, its customers benefit from easy and reliable access to Minrav’s professionals.

The Group’s financial durability, along with excellence in planning and execution, give buyers peace of mind throughout the entire process – from the initial meeting at the sales office throughout all project and population stages and the entire inspection period.

Urban Renewal

Minrav Real Estate is active in urban renewal, focusing on identifying and leading evacuation-construction projects in major residential compounds. In this way, the company maximizes the potential of urban renewal, transforming it into a tool for creating a progressive and innovative urban reality that relies on creative design, uncompromising construction, and close accompaniment and service for tenants, which successfully responds to their individual needs and realizes a community vision that has added value.

The company promotes projects throughout Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Holon, Ramla, and Petach Tikva. In each of these areas, homeowners benefit from the personal involvement of and direct access to the company’s executives, attention to their physical, individual, and emotional needs, and commitment to promoting urban renewal – for the community and family as one.

Long-Term Rental housing projects

Minrav Real Estate recruits its knowledge and professionalism in yielding properties for its long-term rental projects. It leads an innovative concept in its projects by designing projects with unique community environments, highly maintained and equipped common areas in the buildings and the public space, auxiliary tenant services, and more.

Currently, the Company, in partnership with Megurit, is leading three projects in this form, including 460 housing units in popular areas in Israel, including the Malcha Neighborhood in Jerusalem, Rishon Lezion, and Beer Yaakov. These projects include units that will be rented as part of Israel’s national long-term renting program and independently rented housing.

Yielding Real Estate Properties

Minrav Real Estate initiates, builds, and manages compounds of employment, industry, logistics, and commerce throughout Israel. The scope of our yielding properties is estimated at 80,000 square meters in Ashdod and Hadassah Ein Karem Medical Center. In addition, the company is developing additional projects at dozens of thousands of square meters.

As our Company manages the entire value chain of the project, our clients enjoy individually customized solutions throughout the process: from planning – where they receive answers for their specific needs, to construction and management and maintenance services after population – all provided by the company itself.

The knowledge and professionalism accumulated during the planning and construction stages enable our Company to manage these properties efficiently and provide their tenants with excellent and attentive service experience.

Experience and Expertise in Project Initiation and Planning

Minrav Real Estate’s staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable in locating potential development property, creating and leading acquisition processes through the Israel Land Authority, purchase or combination transactions, and leading effective planning and licensing procedures. All these give us the tools to realize the enterprise potential in each project we lead, plan successful projects, and create added value for our customers and partners.

Managing Every Step of the Entrepreneurial Journey

Minrav Real Estate is unique in independently managing the entire entrepreneurial journey through its sister companies. Thus, we recruit the corporate durability, financial strength, planning excellence, and vast and multidisciplinary experience of our Group to each one of the projects we lead.
Our company’s clients, whether they are families that purchase or rent a home, homeowners in urban renewal projects, or companies and organizations renting industrial, commercial, or employment spaces, enjoy the company’s and its subsidiaries’ experience and professionalism, gaining peace of mind and confidence from its durability.

Partnership as a path to Success

Minrav Real Estate collaborates with leading players in the field of enterprise and construction in Israel, recognizing that partnerships create a reality in which the whole is larger than the sum of its parts. The company leads various projects in collaboration with leading Israeli entrepreneurs in residential projects, long-term rental housing, and urban renewal.

In each of these projects, Minrav’s people bring to the table the Group’s accumulated experience and know-how, willingness to join forces and promote projects, and proven ability to lead to breakthroughs through discourse and shared accountability.