Minrav Integrated Solutions

Minrav Integrated Solutions specializes in importing and marketing heating and cooling systems, industrial refrigeration (HVAC/R), and building management systems (BMS) by Johnson Controls, a global leader in building technology.

These innovative products deliver the most advanced solutions to our customers, enabling them to achieve optimal energy efficiency and operational savings.

Pioneering Building Systems

Across offices, industrial facilities, and transportation, HVAC and BMS solutions form the backbone of many projects and are relied upon to operate smoothly for decades. When selecting these products, it is always important to choose those that will stand up to daily wear and tear over many years to come.

Minrav Integrated Solutions presents a broad product range that includes the latest hi-tech solutions for HVAC systems, automation, comprehensive security, access control, and energy efficiency. These solutions are suitable for all kinds of settings, such as commercial centers, office buildings, industrial complexes, campuses, data centers, hospitals, medical centers, hotels, and more.

Exclusively Representing Johnson Controls in Israel

As an international leader in smart buildings, Johnson Controls is dedicated to creating safe, healthy, and sustainable spaces through the world’s largest portfolio of cutting-edge building technologies, software, and services.

The company has been active for more than 130 years, employing over 100,000 professionals across 150 countries, with many award-winning digital technologies and services. Its brands include Titus, Ruskin, Frick, Metasys, Sabroe, and YORK, among others.

Johnson Controls has extensive international experience in implementing systems for many complex large-scale projects, providing professional support when overcoming challenges of all kinds. This gives its customers an invaluable advantage at every stage of the project.

Combining Global Knowledge with Local Experience

Thanks to its relationship with Johnson Controls, Minrav Integrated Solutions makes state-of-the-art international brands accessible to its customers, alongside many years of experience within the local and global construction industry. We understand the many considerations that factor into your decision-making process. This is why we deliver advanced solutions that are uniquely adapted to the needs of each project, which will also suit future standards and requirements, and respond to future environmental aspects. These solutions include outstanding placement and onboarding capabilities, as well as ongoing support and services at every construction stage, and for years after occupancy.

Advanced Chillers by YORK

HVAC systems play a vital role in cultivating a comfortable, healthy indoor environment by maintaining the optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality. YORK from Johnson Controls is a leading brand based on decades of proven technology.

YORK chillers are exceptionally efficient, with smart features that help to reduce energy consumption and lower costs, and are designed to deliver maximum uptime, regardless of the cooling load or ambient temperature conditions.

Various YORK chiller systems are already installed in hundreds of buildings worldwide, including office towers, food production plants, hospitals, universities, server farms, airports, stadiums, and more.

A World of Industrial Refrigeration

Minrav Integrated Solutions markets a wide variety of industrial refrigeration products and solutions by major brands, such as Frick and Sebroe.

All of these systems are designed and adapted to provide excellent performance while reducing work loads and maintenance costs for customers with the most stringent refrigeration requirements, including the chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and energy industries.

Metasys – The World’s Most Advanced Building Automation System

Johnson Control’s Metasys building automation system is one of the world’s leading BMS solutions, offering a full spectrum of advantages for system management and automation throughout buildings, office towers, and campuses.

Metasys can fully interface with all of the building’s electromechanical systems and present data via a single, intuitive, user-friendly display, helping to optimize building management while saving on maintenance and energy costs. The system is able to interface with BMS from other manufacturers and is currently installed in many complexes across Israel and around the globe.

Service, Professionalism & Product Reliability

Minrav Integrated Solutions offers a variety of solutions and products at both the technological and supply level, providing ongoing support alongside a full extended warranty.

Our team consists of seasoned, highly experienced industry professionals who are committed to delivering personal, attentive service that will benefit each customer in the immediate and long term. They are ready to present the insights and solutions that respond to your unique requirements, throughout all project stages.