Minrav Engineering

Minrav Engineering is one of Israel’s largest construction operators, executing complex projects for both public and private sectors, collaborating with top real estate developers to build a better future.


Minrav Engineering has experience, knowledge, and professionalism in carrying out a huge variety of construction projects in the field of offices, residences, employment, trade, industry, medical institutions and centers, public buildings, and other functional buildings.

Challenge is what Fuel Us

Minrav Engineering employees fulfill an architectural and planning vision every day and provide the group and its partners an uncompromising execution quality, partnership, professional and reliable service and full confidence in the process and the result.
The experience we’ve accumulated, along with our curiosity and desire to innovate, upgrade and set new standards, lead us to choose projects that will realize our advantages, challenge all teams on our staff, and lead to breaking exciting new ground in construction.

Financial and organizational stability

Minrav Engineering enjoys total operational and financial strength, which allows us to carry out and complete projects in an optimal manner, with strict maintenance of the budget and its components, completion of projects within the scheduled timeframes, and meticulous adherence to quality standards while ensuring the safety of its staff and the surrounding environment.

Living the Sites

Construction sites are the locations in which our company grows. Our executives, along with the project managers, the engineers, work supervisors, and the rest of the staff, lead the construction teams, supervise processes, materials, and progress on each project, making sure that it is executed in keeping with the strictest quality and safety standards, and while meeting budget and scheduling goals.

Meticulous Quality Assurance Procedures

At Minrav Engineering, we apply a methodology that guarantees the process and the result throughout the construction process.

We lead the standardization of methods, materials, and applications, conduct quality tests throughout all project stages, and perform meticulous control of the construction site workflow, project stages, and teams.

Among all these, our customer service array provides a professional response, including diagnosis of failures, correction, and analysis designed to provide insights for the future.

Ongoing Communication with our Clients

High-quality construction processes require ongoing and honest communication with our clients, enabling them to make critical decisions on time and allowing the entrepreneur to provide flexible and high-quality solutions throughout the construction process.

Minrav Engineering dedicates significant resources to creating the infrastructure necessary for this relationship through a highly available customer service array comprising professionals in the field. Thus, we ensure that we can carry out the project at its required pace while ensuring the satisfaction of the client with the process as well as the result.

Safety Above All

Each of the buildings we construct – whether for residence or a widescale public building – has an immense effect on the people who build it, work in it, and live around it.

Minrav Engineering upholds a strict policy whose goal is to ensure safety for everyone: the project managers and teams on the construction sites, the people who live in the area, and the surrounding environment.

A Winning Team

The human mosaic comprising Minrav Engineering is our winning hand. This is why we conduct recruitment, training, and promotion processes whose goal is to provide a home for Israel’s finest professionals in the field of construction and engineering.

Our company’s staff comprises a mix of experienced professionals whose creativity has led to their success, leading to innovation and stringent adherence to work procedures, quality, and service standards.