Mashav-Ardan Systems

Mashav-Ardan Systems is a leading climate control, electric, and plumbing company in Israel. The company provides daily basis services for office and commercial buildings ensuring efficient functionality, comfort, and sustainability.


The Company was purchased by the Minrav Group in 2022 to complete the portfolio of solutions and services provided to its clients. Mashav-Ardan excels in innovation and creativity, financial and operational durability, and outstanding customer service.

Electromechanics: The Structure’s Nervous System

Electromechanical systems are the nervous system of any building or facility. They include the electric and communication infrastructures, the plumbing and water system, the cooling and climate control system, energy cost-saving systems, air purification systems, and control and management systems.

In each of our projects, we present our clients with the finest and most advanced solutions in the field, along with professional consultation and accompaniment with an added value – all alongside a technical and service array that ensure our clients’ peace of mind and confidence.

Innovative and Efficient Cooling and Freezing Systems

Mashav Ardan Systems provides innovative cooling and freezing systems that combine groundbreaking technology and include advanced control systems and solutions that promote energy efficiency.

Throughout recent years we have led pioneering projects that integrated innovative systems at Israel’s leading logistic centers, for giant companies in the field of food and Israel’s largest retail chains, as well as server farms, including the deployment of air conditioning and climate control systems at industrial parks, security facilities, commercial centers, and industrial plants.

Sustainability Creates Net Profits

Our clients’ systems are the most considerable energy and resource consumers in any structure – big and small. This is why we invest significant effort and resources to encourage energy efficiency, which helps the environment, the system, and our clients’ cost-savings while providing the optimal response for people who live in the buildings and structures in which we take part in the execution and provide services. Our professionals present clients with solutions with higher efficiency, advice on methods and tools to save resources, regularly advise how to maximize efficiency and present ways to achieve a more convenient and pleasant working environment and more.

Knowledge is Strength; Training is Success

The quality of Mashav Ardan’s solutions depends on the extent of knowledge and professionalism of its teams and its collaboration with its clients. The Company manages and operates a training and instruction array to constantly improve our services by investing in the quality and professionalism of our staff. The training and instruction array includes financing college studies for excelling technicians, annual training programs, workshops, courses in Israel and abroad, meetings and lectures, and more.

Bringing the World’s Leading Brands to Israel

Mashav Ardan is proud to be the exclusive Israeli representative of the finest manufacturers in global electromechanics. Among the companies we represent are:

  • Turbo – A leading US company in manufacturing machines for producing and storing industrial ice, adapted for use with ammonia.
  • Kelvion – Specializes in the manufacture of cold diffusion units in steel or stainless steel structures, suitable for use with brine, ammonia, CO2, and more

As well as companies that are part of the Johnson Controls Corporation

  • Sabroe – A leading Danish company in the field of equipment for industrial cooling, specializing in cooling and freezing solutions using natural cooling gases
  • York – A globally renowned manufacturer of A/C equipment for industrial and commercial purposes, including cooling/heating units and chillers of various types, air treatment units, packaging units, and more
  • Frick – One of the world’s largest rotary screw compression manufacturers for industrial cooling systems

Service Generates Added Value

Mashav Ardan considers its customer service array a significant core business activity crucial to the company and its clients. As a result, we operate an advanced customer service array that includes preventive maintenance, response to problems, location of future flaws, and advisement on system upgrades, including cost analyses to lead processes of energy and financial streamlining.

Our customer service array comprises a customer service bureau that provides clients with high-quality, rapid, and professional responses, with nationwide distribution through four regional centers, an array of service vehicles, and a staff of technicians stationed at our clients’ sites.

The People behind the Action

Mashav-Ardan employs the finest experts and professionals in the Systems market. Many of our employees are the company’s backbone and have worked with us for decades. The knowledge accumulated by the more experienced workers is passed down to the younger generation, which experiences practical on-the-job training, acquiring the professionalism and values that are the base of our company’s culture.

We consider our excellent human capital to be the company’s principal asset. People have built and continue to build our success with our clients and partners all over Israel.