Bahadim City

Camp Ariel Sharon, IDF Training Campus, Negev

Project details
Ministry of Defense
25 years concession

Project Description

The 250,000 sqm project was established under a 25-year PPP concession agreement and included the IDF’s training complex’s design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance for the duration of the concession.

The Ariel Sharon Training Campus is a national mega-project that included the relocation of 7 training bases from central Israel to the Negev Junction to enhance the IDF’s operational effectiveness.

The complex includes approximately 120 buildings, including soldier barracks, training, classrooms, offices, a huge kitchen and dining room with an area of approximately 15,000 square meters, synagogues, a sports complex that includes a sports hall, an indoor pool, a football field and combined fields, an auditorium, a shopping center, a clinic with an operating room, workshops for handling buildings tanks and vehicles, logistics centers and shooting ranges.

The Minrav Group (in cooperation with Electra, the Noy and Vered-Bynet Fund) constructed the project according to the highest standards while complying with strict environmental and ‘green building’ standards.

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