Tel Aviv Museum - Minrav

Tel Aviv Museum

Tel Aviv

Start and completion of project: 2008-2001
Location: Tel Aviv.
Commissioned by: The Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Monetary value: Approximately 134million shekel.
Size of the Project: 18,000 square meters.
Project description and implementation details:
A Project enlarging the size of the museum, three floors above ground and three underground, creating additional exhibition space for changing exhibitions in addition to galleries, auditorium, cafeteria, lecture rooms, and classrooms. The structure has exceptional architectural design including unique geometry which changes in every section; a façade made up of hundreds of precasts; an extremely complex steel structure; a special light fall element, allowing light to access the entire height of the structure, right down the underground floors; a spatial element made out of architectural concrete with base measurements of 16×32 meters, and 25 meters height; large spans without support columns creating large exhibition spaces combining unique glass elements. The project was carried out in collaboration with Danya Cebus.

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