The Company Profile

Minrav Holdings Ltd ("Minrav"/ "The Group" / "The Company") was founded in 1969 by Mr. Avraham Kuznitsky who serves as chairman of the board.
The company has been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1983.
The Group operates both directly and through its subsidiaries in four main areas:
Engineering management and execution of construction works in real estate, infrastructure and environmental projects as contractors using the B.O.T/P.F.I methods in the public and the private sectors. In this area, the group is involved in several extremely challenging projects in Israel, including: The Israeli Defense Force's new military training camp city; the Modi'in Latrun train tunnel; The sea water desalination plant in Ashdod; Terminal 3 on a 20,000 sqm area. and parking lots and bridges on a 70,000 sqm area at the Ben Gurion International Airport; The Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem; The Menahem Begin Heritage Center; The Cultural Auditorium in Rishon Lezion; the foot ball stadium in Rishon Lezion; a 110,000 sqm office building in Kiriyat Hamemshala, Tel Aviv; 50,000 sqm of government offices in Kiriyat Hamemshala, Jerusalem; 60,000 sqm of high-tech facilities for Intel, in Kiriyat Gat; 25,000 sqm of high-tech offices on Hahotzvim Mountain in Jerusalem amongst others.
Development of residential construction projects in Israel and abroad.
The group develops residential neighborhoods, amongst others are the 122 apartments in "Minrav Premium", Hod-Hasharon; 286 apartments in "Minrav Hatze'ira" (Young Minrav), Rishon Lezion; 135 apartments in "Minrav Bapardes" (Minrav in The Grove), Petah Tikva; 144 apartments in "Minrav Modi'in"; 101 apartments in "Nofei Minrav" (Minrav Views), Shmurat Arnona, Jerusalem; 210 apartments in "Minrav Hayeruka" (Green Minrav), Kfar Saba; 273 apartments in "Ono Al Hapark" (Ono by the Park), Kiriyat Ono; 156 apartments in "Kidmat Ha'ir" (City Front), Kfar Saba; 71 apartments in "Hadarei Ha'ir", Petah Tikva; 67 apartments in "Minrav Towers", Jerusalem and other neighborhoods in central cities in Israel. Over the years the company has developed housing projects in South Africa, the United States and in Hungary.
Leasing and management of yielding assets, both owned and B.O.T, to the business and government sectors, for use as commercial, industrial and office space. For example, construction of the student dormitories for the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, government offices, the first private prison in Israel, offices designated for long term leasing to high tech companies in Jerusalem and Ashdod as well as commercial and logistic spaces.
The construction and operation of wastewater purification plants by the B.O.T method: The Company has won B.O.T tenders for wastewater purification plants and sea water desalination plants. As a pioneer in this field, Minrav has built plants in Netanya, Ramat Hasharon, Beer Sheva and at Ben Gurion Airport.
In addition, The Group has other areas of activity including manufacturing, importing and marketing plastic and PVC products and operating and leasing freezing works.